the G41 chipset-based motherboards from MSI are designed for the gamers, engineering and multimedia professionals. They feature Intel's integrated GMA X4500 graphics processing unit, which is not only faster compared to its predecessor but is also DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.0 compatible.

Additionally, the G41 chipset also supports faster hardware decoding, which decreases the loading on the CPU while rendering a movie or a scene. The chipset supports dual video and audio output as well as HDMI for easy connectivity with other multimedia devices. DirectX 10 support provides a better gaming and graphics experience with Windows Vista or Windows 7 as the operating system.

The motherboards also feature APS intelligent power management, USB safeguard protection and M-Flash BIOS recovery. These boards feature a solid capacitor design which enhances the product's life span and stability. These boards can be easily overclocked via the BIOS-located 'Switch'.

MSI's G41 series motherboards include G41TM-E63, G41TM-E43, G41M4-F, P41T-C31, P41T-C33, G41M-FD and G41M-FIDP.

A team of scientists have developed a robotic rat that could eventually help rescue people from man-made and natural disasters.

Researchers from the Bristol Robotics Lab and the University of Sheffield have developed the SCRATCHbot, which can find objects using its sensory whiskers in dark or smoky rooms. And unlike previous rodent-like machines, SCRATCHbot adapts the way it moves its whiskers when it makes contact with an obstacle.

The project was inspired by the use of touch in the animal kingdom – specifically how rats explore their environments using whiskers in poorly-lit places.

Watch the robot rat at work: