True Meaning of love..

Posted by ~AKRATI~ | 9:28 AM

“the essential sadness is to go through life without loving. But it is almost equally sad to leave this world without ever telling those you love that you do”- Sigmund freud

With valentine day around the week…”the for letter word “LOVE” has become much talked about topic. You can smell its essence in all spheres. But have you ever thought what love is technically???

LOVE is inspiration…the word inspire comes from the latin word inspirare which means ‘to breathe upon or into’. when we inspires others we’re living from our higher selves.when we’re being inspired we expand beyond what previously were, or know our selves to be. our loves have a new breathe. Our soul and action are one.

LOVE is dedication..when you love someone you are dedicated to that person both from mind and from our soul. Consciously or unconsciously you never hurt that person.

LOVE is sharing… in true love you actually give a part of your soul to the person you love and in return you are blessed theirs.

LOVE is truth… when you love someone you are true to them both in action and in words. Nothing that you do or say is in confliction from the truth.

LOVE is devotion… no matter how busy you are, you still find time for your beloved, that’s the beauty of true love.

LOVE is acceptance…when you love some one you accept that person the way he/she is. You don’t ask that person to change because when you are in love with someone, you are in love with his/her soul.

LOVE is real… love is not virtual, in romantic love you want the other person, in true love you want the other person’s good.

LOVE is the only thing that makes us HUMAN… a heart without love is like an orchard without fruits.

So this valentine day, dare and tell that someone special, how much you care, coz true love is very rare.

Happy valentine day friends! I will be back with more technical topics after the 14th. Till then get drooped into the spirit of love.