Size of 1GB

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Here is a nice picture that a friend of mine sent to me:


It shows an IBM 1GB hard disk (yes, that huge, bulky thing is actually a hard disk drive) manufactured in late 80s. On top left is a hand holding the modern version of 1GB, a 1GB SD card. It gives us an idea of how much advancement the computer hardware industry has gone through the last two decades.


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However the actual answer is two weighings. The technique is to split the balls into three approximately equal groups, here we have 3,3,2. Then weigh the 3,3 groups against each other, if they are the same, then weigh the two remaining balls against one another. If one of the two 3,3 groups are heavier, then select that group and weigh any of the two balls against one another, if one is heavy, then you got the ball, if both are equal, then the third one of the group is the heavier.

Decision Tree

Here is a schematic diagram:

Decision Tree

Good job sir..............u hv guessd it rite.