Searching Love Online?

Posted by ~AKRATI~ | 2:20 AM

Are you one of those people who joined an Orkut or a Facebook to get in touch with your old pals and accidentally found the love of your life there? Do you think that technology has added spice to your life or revived an old spark? Has your virtual social network become an indispensable part of your life now? Then, there are many like you out there.

According to the second annual Norton Online Living Report, 37 percent of adults are using the Internet to rekindle a romantic relationship in India. Seven in 10 adults say that the Internet has improved their relationships. Also, one in three people flirt online in India!

The study goes on to say that adults in China (86 percent), India (83 percent), and Brazil (82 percent) are most likely to make friends online, while those in France (32 percent) and Japan (38 percent) are the least likely to make friends online.

It adds that the Internet has become such a central vehicle for socially communicating and connecting that six in 10 adults say that they cannot live without it. The report reveals that 92 percent people use emails to communicate with friends and family, 42 percent use webcams, with very high usage in China (74 percent), India (68 percent), Brazil (66 percent), and France (53 percent).

Quite obviously, the study said that males tend to have more online friends than females, and three in four have gone on to meet someone in person who they originally met online.

The study also mentions that one in four have shared a secret online relationship and one in four find it easier to discuss touchy subjects online than in person or by phone.