Katrina Kaif recently became one of the popular and most searched personality over the web in India. Of course, the never-ending media gossip that she had parted ways with Salman Khan, and is getting closer to John Abraham, makes her an even 'hotter' search object.

And this Web trafficking over the Bollywood dame has served as an opportunity for the criminal minds to lay their hands upon.

According to the 'The Web's Most Dangerous Search Terms' report released by McAfee on Wednesday, the popular Bollywood actress is one of the most dangerous online search word in India.

With the maximum risk percentage of 28.6, Katrina ranks second after 'Waptrick,' a website for free downloads of music, ring tones, wall paper, animations and logos for mobile phones.

The other popular key words posing higher risk rate in India also include Orkut, Yahoomail, Shahid Kapur, Rediffmail, 'How to earn money', Namitha, Shimla and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

"Hackers are most successful when they can attract a large number of victims. One way to target big crowds online is to track current events - everything from celebrity meltdowns and natural disasters to holidays and popular music. One key tool cybercriminals use to snare victims is to get them to download a computer file or program that comes with a malicious payload," said the report.

The study conducted by Shane Keats, research analyst, McAfee, Inc. and Eipe Koshy, software development engineer, McAfee, Inc researched more than 2,600 popular keywords to assess the degree of risk for each.

The study confirms that scammers consider popular trends when deciding which victims to target.

This makes common sense. If hackers are now motivated largely by profit, the biggest profits can be wrung from the largest pools of potential victims. And on the web, popular trends and visitor traffic are highly correlated.

The best protection is to install a computer security suite and keep it up to date and to use a safe search tool, concluded the report.

Isn't this dangerous phenomenon an indication of the 'Bollywood' addiction of the India psyche?

CHANDIGARH: With the 600 cc car they have designed and fabricated, a bunch of engineering students from Punjab are all geared up to take part in

the prestigious Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competition in the US next month.

This car is made by a group of 10 students of engineering (nine from mechanical and one from electrical stream) of Rayat Institute of Engineering and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, near Ropar town in Punjab, around 50 km from here. They will participate in the Formula SAE International Competition at Fontana, California in the US, June 17-20.

"We are determined to give a tough fight to all other universities. Our concept is based on speed and our car can easily go up to a speed of 260 km per hour in normal conditions. We have tested it on different kinds of roads," vice-captain of the group Kenneth Dean told reporters Saturday.

"The cost of this car is nearly Rs.650,000 but the overall cost of this project is Rs.35 lakh (Rs. 3.5 million). All the members of our team have contributed Rs.200,000 each and rest is borne by our college," added Dean.

He said the group has been working on this project for the last six months. The car has a five speed gear and it can reach 110 km per hour within only 4.4 seconds.

"Its weight is 300 kg with aerodynamic design and it's equipped with advanced safety equipment. We have used various hi-tech technologies in the car and it has been designed and finally analysed using SOFTWARE like Pro-E and AN-SYS," pointed out Dean.

SAE is a 29-year-old annual competition and this year only one college from India is competing among 81 universities from across the world. Other participating countries include the US, BRITIAN, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Germany and Australia. In June 2008, students of the same college went to the SAE competition in Michigan in the US with their super-mileage car and won accolades for the country.

"Our super-mileage car bagged first place in Asia and 13th position in the world. It could easily give a mileage of 250 km in one litre. That time our focus was on mileage but this time, we zeroed only on speed," said Gurvinder Singh Bahra, vice-chairman of educational group Rayat-Bahra.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has announced that they are going to develop a new game based on the The Lord of the Rings franchise.

The first game has been named The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest.

This game would be available for sale by the end of the current year. It would be available on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation 2 and SONY PLAYSTATION PORTABLE.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment president Martin Tremblay spoke about this new title: “The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest is the first of many different types of games we will be developing with the film and literary rights.”

This game is being developed by Headstrong Games and TT Fusion.

LONDON, May 30 (UPI) -- A new swimsuit material that lets 80 percent of the sun penetrate to the skin could contribute to deadly forms of skin cancer, British health experts said.

The material, meant to eliminate tan-lines, has thousands of microscopic holes in the fabric that make it transparent, said John Walker, who owns Kiniki, the maker of the Tan Through fabric.

When looked at, the material appears solid because of abstract patterns and prints that confuse the eye, Walker said.

Walker's company warns wearers of Tan Through to be vigilant in applying sunscreen under the material. Health experts, however, said many wearers likely will be less than judicious in protecting tender skin, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

"We recommend UV protected clothing and this is the very opposite," said Richard Clifford, a spokesman for the Karen Clifford Skin cancer charity.