courtesy: the Hindu
Every time you return a junk mobile phone to a Nokia dealer, the firm will thank you by planting a tree, apart from recycling that phone in an eco-friendly manner.

Announcing the initiative on World Environment Day, Ambrish Bakaya, director of corporate affairs in Nokia India, said the firm had already tied up with two NGOs in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to plant 22,000 trees. The programme would soon be extended to the top 15 cities of the country, he added.

"We already have 1,300 bins at our main dealers' shops around the country where people can throw in their junk phones," Bakaya said.

The mobile phone manufacturer with the largest market share in India has been getting a good response. "Now we have tied up with an NGO called Ahimsa in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu to plant 12,000 trees, and with Bangalore's Rotary Midtown to plant 10,000 trees in educational institutions around that city."

Nokia has also been working computer manufacturers to strengthen the laws on recycling of e-waste, which threatens to become a major problem in India.

Saying that the firm was working with the Manufacturers Association for Information Technology, the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the Department of Telecommunications to put together stronger guidelines on the subject, Bakaya added: "We welcome any step which helps strengthen e-waste management and creates awareness about the need to recycle e-waste in an eco-friendly manner".