Believe it or not.....!!

Posted by ~AKRATI~ | 2:09 AM

Believe It or Not!, an American vegetarian held 11 Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches in his mouth for ten seconds to beat the world record. Previously, the record was only nine of the two-to-three inch insects. Mr. Fessler, the champ, is no stranger to the bugs: he owns over 1,000 as pets! Ewww.

This is crazy! Cairns Post, an Australian news source, got this story of a spider that actually caught and ate a snake! The 14cm-long snake was found tangled in the spider’s web and over a few days, the spider killed the snake, rolled it up in the web, and ate it! Believe It or Not!Image 12 of 12

Rick Murray has spent over $4000 USD and 24 tattoo hours turning himself into a tattooed skeleton....