Chandrayaan 2 Set for 2013 Launch

Posted by ~AKRATI~ | 7:41 PM

he Chandrayaan II mission will be far more complicated as compared to the first one because of the Moon Rover landing that this mission involves. Landing a rover on the moon is a complicated task, as the moon does not have an atmosphere that can slow down the descent of the rover with parachutes. The ISRO is working on alternatives that will endure a safe landing for the rover.

With the Chandrayaan I continuing to dazzle scientists with fresh data being received from the craft everyday, it is only natural that the Chandrayaan II needs to be launched later to supplement data received from its predecessor. ISRO will also launch a geostationary, weather satellite in the near future for recording monsoon patterns and cloud shifts in the next few years.

India is also planning a mission to Mars, which has been stalled owing to the lack of qualified personnel. Nair, in what seems to be an indirect call to the student community, has requested young students to take up careers that would help the country achieve success in missions like these. Currently, there seems to be dearth of ideas and most students it seems do not seem to take up research activities as a career option.